In this case we can reset windows password in three different methods.

  1. Using windows disk
  2. With out using CD/DVD
  3. Using software

Here we discuss with 2nd mentioned method.

  • Step 1: Force restart your system many times. Then you can see safe mode window (fig 1). Select and run startup repair.
Figure 1
  • Step 2: Last you can see the finishing window. Then select the view problems in details. Then you can see two links. Select the second link.
Figure 2
  • Step 3: Click on 2nd link,  Then you can see a notepad window (fig 3).
Figure 3
  • Step 4: Click on the file button and open. Here you can see the C drive. Then go to syste32 folder, rename the sethc.exe to cmd.exe. Then restart the system.
Figure 4

(NOT: Please take a back up of two application)

  • Step 5: In logon window press shift key some time. Then you can see the Command Prompt.(fig 5)
  • Step 6: Type the following commands

Net user { This command used to see users list}

Net user test { This command used to reset the password}

Figure 5

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