• What is Google Cloud Print……?

GCP is one of the service of Google, it helps to print any documents from anywhere. It supports complex connectivity and printer driver installation etc.

For setting up google cloud print service all we need is a pc which has a chrome browser, printer, and an active internet connection

  • How can I set my Google cloud print using chrome browser…….?
  1. Go to advance setting on your chrome browser. Then you can you can see Google cloud print option ,click on it
  1. Then click on manage cloud print devices. Then you can see another window. Here you can sign your Google account. You already sign in, ticks on your printer and save it.

The selected printers is now linked with your Google account and its connected to Google cloud print.

  • How can I print documents using Google cloud print…..?

on android devices download and install cloud print app (available Google play store).

To print directly from Chrome or an applications running on Windows PCs, download and install Google Cloud printer.

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